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Grotelės ir tvirtinimo elementai
Gratings and fasteners


•    Gratings (press-welded and full pressed):
Gratings for their good mechanical and technical characteristics, are widely used in the service industry sites (chemical, oil, energy and other industries), roads, bridges and shipbuilding, as well as adequate as decorative facade elements.

Gratings applications:
•    Platforms installations
•    Service stairs and staircases
•    Facade
•    For scaffolds

Main properties of the gratings:
•    High resistance to deflection
•    Wide range of considered load
•    Light weight
•    Easy and fats montage
•    Universal application
•    Longevity
•    Particularly good drainage properties, it prevents ice formation at low temperatures.

Mentioned products are produce according DIN24537 standard, hot deep galvanize according EN ISO 1461, this ensure high performance in aggressive environments. Gratings can be painted according Client requirements.